My name is Kateryna. I'm 31 years old, married and I live in Kharkov City, Ukraine. I am successful graduation Kharkov Building Institute as the economist, but now I do not work because I bring up two marvellous babys. My husband is the engineer, he studied Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, but the long time he works as the welder because it is high-wage job. I have two children: the son- 3,8 y. and daughter - 2,4 y. My babys are very inquisitive, therefore I spend a lot of time for bring up them. The large help for this purpose I receive from my parents. They are the pensioners therefore have opportunities to help me in upbringing of children. My parents have the small house in which we live together. As each family, I and my husband, we would like to have the own, small and cosy house, but unfortunately we have no the capital for to begin the build. Therefore I have decided to address to the visitors and readers of my site the unusual request: if you have an extra buck or more, please send it to my family! Together we can build my house. I want to collect a few money for build of a cosy house, and I hope somebody will capable to help my family. Also I hope to get many new friends!!!
I shall be grateful for any help or advice.
If my proposal is not interesting for you, SORRY. But maybe it will be interesting for your friends/family/colleagues? Why not?


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