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Welcome Everyone!

My name is Kateryna. I''m 31 years old and I live in Kharkov City, Ukraine. Now I bring up two marvellous baby’s. My family lives in the small house of my parents, but I have dream to build the own house.
I would like to address to everyone my charitable-commercial proposal, which can be interesting and maybe advantageous for some people:
My proposal:
1. Each investor, which to agree will put the money for build my house, will have an opportunity to place advertisement, image or logo on outside walls. Price: place for advertising on one brick will cost 10$ during one year. You can ”buy” as many brick as you like, as long as there are available. However, no obscene or offensive images or note are allowed.
2. Each investor can order and pay own design any room or place in my house and I am ready to carry out all conditions.
3. Any manufacturer of building materials and belongings can use the goods for build my house, in exchange, I'll place the information about them on my homepage and to advertise it too.
4. Any manufacturer of furniture, baths, lavatory pan, luster’s, utensils and so on can establish the goods in my house and I'll show it in the future photos of my house on this homepage.
5. Everyone can present or bestow interesting thing for an interior of my house.
6. Any investor can reserve and rent apartments in my house in the future.
When I shall have the starting capital, I shall begin to build the house. If you have an extra buck or more, please send it to my family! I am ready to accept any advice or help, and I'll consider your wishes attentively. I do believe in Charity and I'll hope for your help. I'll report everything I make as income and I'll show photos of build my house from a beginning and up to finish on this homepage.
If my proposal is not interesting for you, …SORRY. But maybe it will be interesting for your friends/family/colleagues? Why not?
The Russian proverb: "If everyone will give a thread- the pauper will get a shirt".